Event Alert - Hike with Wolves

The Explorers Club of Southern California visits the Apex Protection Project

Want to learn more about wolves and wolfdogs? Here is your chance! On Sunday, March 5th, join us at the Apex Protection Project in Palmdale to run with the pack.

Each ticket is $75 per person and includes a BBQ dinner, and $50 is tax-deductible. The address is on East Soledad Canyon Road, Palmdale, California. We are limited to 12 attendees, so reserve your space ASAP!

Guests can arrive at 1pm, learn about Apex, wolf conservation and issues facing the wild wolf, plus wolves versus wolfdogs. They will go into nice amounts of scientific detail for our group. 

Then we would meet the Ambassador Pack - Taboo, Merlin, Sargeant, Thor, Loki, Riggs, Kona, and Charlotte. We will all take a hike up to the plateau where we will see a vista and where they let the Pack off the leashes to run around and play. It's pretty incredible. 

At the end we all come back, have some "snuggle time" with the Pack and enjoy a BBQ (vegetarian options available - and delicious), enjoy some wine by the fire, and hang out. 

Everything wraps up around sunset depending on how on-schedule we are. 

Kids are welcome but they need to be able to hike and remain calm around the Pack. Age 10+ is best.

Visit the Apex Protection Project for more information: 

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